Prepared for everything, except Dumpert

Friday 01-03-2019

“You are on Dumpert”. This was the message we got Friday afternoon. Dumpert, never heard of it, untill now! 


More than 260.000 views, lots of reactions and phone calls of national television. Because a part of the movie, in which we broke the Erkend Congresbedrijf certificate of glass, was publiced. 

The one who took the effort to watch the whole movie on youtube, could place the movie in the right context and could see that everything was prepared in detail. 


The recognition was real (and we are very proud of it!) and the message clear: Congresbureau Friesland: prepared as always (next time also for Dumpert ;) )


PS: Very kind tough, that some people who reacted on the movie, were worried about the glass shards that we gathered with bare hands... Lukcily it was made of sugar (glass) and our team is not (because you get a lot of shit on you on Dumpert) 


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