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For the organization of the LPB congress in Leeuwarden (15-17 November 2017), we have worked together with Congres Bureau Friesland from the beginning. Because of this we only had to deal with the content; all logistics were handled by CBF. This has taken a huge amount of work off our hands, we had less headaches and more night's of sleep. We did not have to worry about the details. In the preparation of the conference, we had pleasant meetings and made use of the knowledge, but also the network of CBF. Partly because of this the conference went smoothly, and the participants judged this with a score between "good" and "excellent".

Bram Louwerse and Daniël Appelo - Municipality of Leeuwarden


“We could fully depend on the know-how of Congress Bureau Friesland. Working with Congress Bureau Friesland was a breath of fresh air in a world in which everyone seems to be strictly focused on their own responsibilities. Congress Bureau Friesland takes upon itself the overall responsibilities and from beginning to end.”
Willem Meerdink - Province of Fryslân


“Wij have enjoyed an amazingly beautiful and interesting weekend. Beautiful city en surroundings. It was a smooth organisation and all transitions between the individual programme parts occurred without a hitch. It was impressive. We had great laughs and it was quite relaxing. 
A perfectly organised event! This event should definitely be repeated.”

Jan Vreeker - Bouwend Nederland


“At the last moment, Congress Bureau Friesland took over the organisation of our congress. Much was already in a preparation stage. Yet Congress Bureau Friesland in a professional and driven way dotted the i's. With confidence, we were able to delegate the organisation to a professional team that accomplished what they promised. This made our congress into an unforgettable success both for the participants as well as for our organisation.”

Anja Verweij - Vereniging Sport en Gemeenten


“For the organisation of the official opening and open days, we have requested the assistance of Congress Bureau Friesland. In one word, this was GREAT!

Are you looking for an organisation that:

- picks up the slack and thinks with its clients          - gives inspiration

- is always reachable                                                        - stays happy, no matter what

- has a good network                                                       - and has a hands-on mentality
If so, then the team of Congress Bureau Friesland is what you want.

In this way, I would like to organise a major event annually. Truly good value for your money!”

Nelleke Meindertsma - Communication Officer of Dairy Campus


From the start, you looked carefully to our special wishes and possibilities. You understood the change management and started this adventure with us. What we felt, is that you understand our organisation. You took the lead in planning, by making an inventory of the ideas, choice of locations, catering etc. You made the script, that you adjusted during the process. You made sure that we could focus on our parts and that we did not have to look on the other organisational steps. 

On the day itself, everything was perfectly arranged. You were present on all different ways. Invisible power. I look back at this cooperation with a big smile. A big, well deserved: Thank you!
Nynke Bout - Wetterskip Fryslân


You have taken care of everything in a fantastic way. Compliments on all fronts. We heard so many positive reactions during the day and they are right. We are very happy about this day and especially with what you have done. Thanks a lot.